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Lee Viar is a graduate of Capella University and earned his Ph.D. in Post-Secondary Adult Education and Training. He is a Certified Post-Secondary Instructor and is always pursuing other educational opportunities. He traveled to Harvard University as part of the  Class of 2013 earning a Post- Doctorate in Management Development, successfully completed the Fellowship Program in Higher Education Management at Vanderbilt University in 2014, completed a Post-Doctorate in the Challenges of Leadership in Teams Program at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the summer of 2015, studied at the University of Oklahoma and earned over 30 credit hours towards a DBA in Organizational Behavior. He is a Maryland native, achieved the Sigma Beta Delta Business Honors Designation Honors and graduated from Frostburg State University. He holds an MBA in Marketing and Management. He is a Professor-Senior Lead Business Faculty in the School of Management and Business teaching at the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral levels. 


Dr. R. Lee Viar IV has been featured in U.S. News & World Report, the Hechinger Report, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Inside Higher Ed and is recognized as a leader and subject matter expert in higher education and the nontraditional student.

The Nontraditional Learner's Guide to Success

The Nontraditional Learner's Guide to Success

This book investigates the influence of an informal support network on the growing population of nontraditional learners and explores the implications of this support network for learner persistence and success. Obviously, the end objective is success for the nontraditional learner. This success can manifest itself in the form of an intrinsic motivational purpose, for career advancement or continuing education. Whatever the reason, education is a precious gift and degree attainment should be encouraged, regardless of the learner's stage of life.

Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE)

ANTSHE's mission is to provide scholarship opportunities, academic resources, and motivational support for non-traditional students, and to celebrate, and to build on the network of faculty, administrators, and advisors that work with and inspire non-traditional students to succeed.



ANTSHE and its affiliated colleges, universities, and nontraditional students share a focus on providing key resources, research, and support for faculty and adult students at colleges and universities across the country.


My own negative experiences as a nontraditional student led me to ANTSHE, which led me to my best decision, to become an advocate for other nontraditional students like myself.


ANTSHE assists non-traditional learners by helping them to gain recognition on their campus, provides academic support, resources, scholarships, and works with groups and clubs to gain funding from student government associations, and offers support for individual non-traditional students to successfully navigate their educational journey.


ANTSHE Board Members and volunteers play crucial roles in the growth of the organization. They are the face of the organization, and because of their actions we are able to carry out the mission of ANTSHE. 

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