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Curriculum Vitae



Dr. Viar is an innovative teacher, lifelong learner, and author with a passion and devotion to education and learning. He has been a college instructor for 19+ years, has over 20 years of professional marketing and business experience in the areas of banking and marketing, management, and currently serves as a volunteer board member, President, for the Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education, an organization whose purpose is to provide support and resources for non-traditional students. ​He is also a published author whose works have been featured in U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, Hechinger Report, and Inside Higher Ed.

R. Lee Viar IV

My Philosophy >

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Students need supported opportunities that enable them to deepen their level of understanding of business in a global environment, digital marketing, and to develop professional experience to strengthen the workforce and encourage community cultural development in the information rich and increasingly interconnected global network that we live in. This approach is consistent with my own values and teaching Philosophy that brings together traditional research, and a more born-digital means of scholarly communication designed to reach beyond the walls of academy to engage a wider public.


PhD in Post-Secondary Adult Education & Training, October 2007 
Capella University                                               
Thesis Title: Success of the Nontraditional Student Fostered by an Informal Support Network 
MBA in Management & Marketing, December 2001 
Frostburg State University 
BS in Business Administration, December 1999 
Frostburg State University                                               


Challenges of Leadership in Teams-Professional Education Program, July 2015
MIT Professional Education 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA


Higher Education Management Institute, June 2014
Vanderbilt University’s
Peabody College of Education and Human Development
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Higher Education Management Development Program, June 2013
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Institutes for Higher Education
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 


Certified Postsecondary Instructor, June 2011-Present
National Center for Competency Testing, Baltimore, MD



Strayer University


Associate Professor, Business 

Strayer University Online College of Business 


Facilitate undergraduate and graduate courses using Blackboard, WebCT, eCollege, ClassLive Pro, Elluminate platform and hold weekly live chats, and weekly live office hour. Also, develop and maintain on-line instructional support.  Verizon Certified Instructor, teaching courses in business and management, through the Strayer University-Verizon Program. Currently, facilitate courses specific to the Joe Gibbs Racing Performance Management Program. Continually work to create innovative approaches to student engagement, using a feedforward approach, interactive tools, as well as, designing learning activities that complement the course and encourage critical thinking. Recognized for creating engaging presentations and leading live chats with some of the highest attendance rates. Invited to lead talks focusing on student engagement during weekly and monthly faculty meetings. 

Colorado Technical University

Adjunct Professor
Colorado Technical University 

College of Business and Management

Facilitate undergraduate and graduate courses in the College of Business and Management. Engage with learners in order to increase critical thinking and application of knowledge. Currently, instructing INTD 670 as a pilot course. Employing innovative approaches to learning and engagement via videos and interactive Live Chats. 


Lead Faculty
Colorado Technical University
College of Business and Management

Led a team of up to 60 adjunct faculty in the College of Business, ensuring that faculty and learning expectations were being met, whilst upholding the highest level of academic standard. In accordance with CTU policies and applicable laws I worked with other Lead Faculty and members of Administration in hiring and training adjunct faculty, planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; participating in the rewarding and disciplining of employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems. In this role, I also supervised, evaluated, and directed adjunct faculty in the College of Business, and delegated responsibility as appropriate and necessary. In addition, provided overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of faculty, including the faculty performance appraisal process.  Conducted regular department and one-on-one meetings with department faculty and proposed and implemented department curricular improvements and development initiatives through appropriate governance structures. Also, actively participated in quality assurance processes, facilitated and delivered quality education, and managed academic resources for courses in business, management, and marketing. While in the role of Lead Faculty, I also taught on average of two courses each session. During my time as a Lead Faculty, I achieved recognition for leading my team with a high level of success and meeting grading deadlines, as well as maintaining a team with the lowest student ticket submission rates for any faculty cohort. 

Morgan State University


Guest Lecturer Community College Doctoral Leadership Program

Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD  


Served as a guest lecturer to teach ethics, and education courses as needed in the Community College Doctoral Leadership Program.   

Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE)


Volunteer Board of Directors, President

Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) 


The Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education is a national educational organization providing key resources, research, and support for faculty and adult students at colleges and universities across the country. In this volunteer position as the President of ANTSHE, I serve as chief staff executive, recommending and participating in the formulation of policies and making decisions within existing policies as they have been approved by the Board of Directors. My duties include planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the staff, programs and activities of the council to assure that objectives are attained, plans fulfilled, and member needs met. I must also maintain effective internal and external relationships while achieving economical, productive performance, forward-looking programming and constructive growth of the organization. Other duties include, being knowledgeable of and helping to fulfill governance responsibilities; comply with applicable bylaws; conduct board business effectively and efficiently; and being accountable for performance. In this position, I also preside over meetings, propose policies and practices, sit on various committees, monitor the performance of Directors and Officers, submit various reports to the board, and to other "stakeholders"; propose the creation of committees; appoint members to such committees; and perform other duties as the need arises and/or as defined in the bylaws. In addition, I play an active role in the annual conference by creating an action plan for the events, conducting site locations, reporting and securing the location of events, securing sponsorship, promoting the conference, assist in organizing the schedule, events, and securing speakers. 

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