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Speaker and advocate for nontraditional students







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Lee Viar is an advocate for nontraditional students and is considered an expert in the field. He is committed to helping nontraditional students across the country to be able to receive the same opportunities for success as traditional students.


  • He has been featured in USA Today, Inside Higher Ed, The Hechinger Report, U.S. News & World Report and has published and contributed to several books, journals and publications focused on adult learner success.

  • His work at the Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education has helped many colleges and universities across the country to improve their adult learner programs to increase both retention and graduation rates.

  • He has also advocated for nontraditional students by participating in different discussion forums, and meeting with different organizations, and government agencies in Washington D. C. to bring more attention to the issues surrounding the nontraditional learner and those who have a direct impact on their success.

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  • Working alongside other key members of the ANTSHE Board of Directors, Lee is able to help bridge the gap and connect administrators, advisors, faculty, and other leaders in higher education to one of their most valuable resource: nontraditional students. A team of experts will assess the programs affiliated with nontraditional students on and off campus and help to structure them so that they provide more of a supportive learning environment for nontraditional students which ultimately contributes to their academic success. 

  • His work at ANTSHE allows him to be able to work with college and university leaders and other leaders in higher education to improve the college experience for adult learners and to provide valuable networking opportunities, professional development opportunities, resources, scholarships for nontraditional students, publishing opportunities for both members of academia and nontraditional students, and foster the sharing of great ideas.

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Lee is able to provide a clear approach on a variety of topics and is able to establish a rapport and connect with varied audiences. As an expert in adult education and training, he has trained academic professionals from educators and advisers, to administrators and adult learners who are a part of an adult learner program on college/university campuses across the country.  

  • Providing adult learners and academic professionals of all economic backgrounds with the tools to achieve academic, professional, and personal success. Today, what was once known as the "non-traditional student" is now the "new-traditional student." Non-Traditional students are classified by the NCES as students in higher education who are over the age of 25 that meet a variety of factors and life situations. Many colleges and universities still struggle with retaining adult students, and more importantly, they are unsure about how to approach this growing demographic, and often times fail the students by not not meeting their needs and empowering them to succeed. 

  • Lee is available as a keynote speaker, and for presentations, conferences, and training for either half day or full-day events.  He has presented at conferences, colleges and universities across the United States.

  •  Throughout his educational career, his career-goal has been to help others better understand the challenges of the non-traditional, adult student, and to teach others how to become more adult student centric. His book, The Nontraditional Learner's Guide to Success has been utilized as a tool for new student orientations, faculty training and as a guide for administrators and advisors at various colleges and universities across the country. Lee provides a tactical approach to building a successful adult learner program and provides strategies and solutions to help meet the needs of today's non-traditional students.

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